Welcome to The Struan Center . . .


We are a facility for developing and sustaining whole and healthy lifestyles through opportunities for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual growth. We have a dedicated and caring team of independent holistic practitioners who promote whole life change and healing through a variety of therapeutic arts, services, and classes:

- Individual Psychotherapy: Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Trauma
- Live and Whole Food Nutritional Counseling and Consultation
- Live and Whole Food Educational Groups and Seminars
- Diabetes Management
- Dreamwork
- Yoga and Body-Psychotherapy
- Spiritual Counseling
- Pet Loss Counseling & Support Groups
- Reiki and Energy Healing
- Self-Discovery and Transformation Seminars
- Individual and Group Nutritional Coaching
- Women's Holistic Healthcare
- Holistic Health-related Workshops and Forums
- Weight Loss and Exercise Support
- Shadow Work Workshops
- Grief and Loss Workshops
- Tonglen and Mindfulness Meditations

Additionally, we may host classes and presentations on other holistic topics which provide additional tools and opportunities for nurturing the mind, body and soul.


about our name . . . .

The word Struan is an ancient Gaelic word meaning the place where the streams converge, or the flow at the point where a spring appears.

It is our vision and mission to provide a nurturing place where an individual’s mind, body and soul converge into a wellspring of peace and wholeness.



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